We produce organic beef from Belted Galloway cattle which is lean, tender and juicy to eat. 
The Belted Galloway is a heritage breed of cattle originating from Galloway in southern Scotland and is well adapted to living on our upland pastures and windswept moorland.  Rough grazing ensures lovely, marbled meat which is matured for three to four weeks to enhance the flavour.
Our motto is "Belties Breed Better Beef" !
Stewing/ Casserole cuts - in 500g packs
Braising Steak       £14.00/kg
Casserole Steak     £12.50/kg
Mince                    £10.00/kg
Mince - Steak        £13.75/kg
Ox Skirt                 £11.00/kg
Shin                       £11.50/kg
Stewing Steak       £11.75/kg

Beef Bones            50p each
Steaks - singles or 2s
Fillet Steak                   £40.25/kg
Frying Steak                 £14.00/kg
Minute Steak                £16.25/kg
Rib Eye Steak               £26.50/kg
Rump Steak                  £19.45/kg
Sirloin Steak                 £30.50/kg
T Bone Steak                £31.00/kg
Brisket                    £11.50/kg
Rib of Beef              £19.00/kg
Rib of Beef B/R       £24.65/kg
Rump Roast            £19.95/kg
Salmon Cut             £14.50/kg
Silverside                £14.00/kg
Sirloin B/R              £30.00/kg
Top Rib Pot Roast   £11.50/kg
Top Rump               £15.25/kg
Topside                   £15.75/kg 
Processed  - we use oats but can make
gluten free if required

Burgers              £11.25/kg  packed in 2s or 4s
Meatballs           £13.25/kg  packed in 8s or 12s
Sausages            £11.50/kg 6 in a pack
For a list of allergens please contact us for an information sheet.
Ox Kidney            £5.00/kg
Ox Liver               £3.00/kg
Ox Heart              £5.50/kg
Ox Tail                £10.00/kg
Ox Tongue           £6.00/kg