minimum of 3 years age

On the Askerton Castle Estate we raise organic mutton from Scottish Blackface sheep. Our hill sheep, lean, succulent and full of flavour are renowned for the quality and sweetness of their meat. Our mutton tastes wonderful when cooked in a similar way to our lamb but for a little longer at a lower temperature; it is perfect for stews and casseroles.

WHOLE EWE   £9.75/KG
HALF EWE     £10.25/KG
Please note the price per kilo is for the weight of the carcasse including bones before it is butched

Breast of Mutton Boned & Rolled      £7.50/kg
Breast of Mutton on the bone              £5.50/kg
Diced Loin - 500g                            £14.50/kg
Diced Shoulder- 500g packs          £12.50/kg
Mince - 500g packs                         £11.50/kg
Neck End                                             £7.00/kg
Neck Fillet                                        £14.50/kg

Mutton Bones - per pack                   £1.00

         CHOPS AND STEAKS- singles or 2's
Chump                                  £16.50/kg
Cutlets                                  £16.00/kg
Double Loin Chops              £16.00/kg
Double Loin Noisettes        £18.00/kg
Leg Steaks                            £17.50/kg
Shoulder Steaks                   £13.50/kg
Stir Fry                                  £18.00/kg
Valentine Chops                  £16.50/kg

PROCESSED - made with oats.  If you want Gluten Free, please specify when ordering

Burgers - 2 in a pack                 £11.25/kg
Meatballs - 8 or 12 in a pack   £13.50/kg
Sausages - 6 in a pack              £11.50/kg

                      ROASTS -Fast and Slow
Cannon                                         £20.50/kg
Chump                                          £16.50/kg
Leg - Boned & Rolled                 £16.50/kg
Leg - Fillet End                            £13.50/kg
Leg - Shank End                           £12.50/kg
Leg - Whole                                  £13.00/kg 
Loin - Boned & Rolled                 £17.75/kg
Loin - Chined                                £14.50/kg
Mutton Henry                               £11.50/kg
Mutton Rack - French Trimmed  £15.95/kg
Mutton Shank                               £10.50/kg
Shoulder Boned & Rolled           £12.50/kg
Shoulder on the Bone                  £11.50/kg
Strip Loin                                       £19.00/kg

For a list of allergens please contact us for an information sheet.

Heart                £3.50/kg
Kidneys            £7.50/kg
Liver                 £12/kg