Shepherd / General Farm Worker

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We are an organic farm in North Cumbria. Its a full time, live in and permanent post. We have a varied livestock as we retail what we rear. We have around 90 Belted Galloway cows and followers, 600 sheep - Blackies and Cheviots, 7 sows and numerous piglets - Tamworth and GOS, chickens - both table and layers, ducks and a few geese for Christmas.  Also alpacas but they are being slowly phased out. We have our own on farm butchery so a lot of what we rear goes through there and then we sell it.  We do our own silaging and shearing as we can do it when it suits us and not the contractor.

The basic hours are 40 hours from 7.30-4.30.  One weekend in three.  Have you got any formal farming qualifications eg chain saw ticket or B&E trailer test?   If you can you shear and work a sheepdog , then we would like to know more about you?

Pay depends on ability.  Two bedroomed Cottage goes with the job for a non smoker.  The perks also include a supply of meat either frozen and sometimes fresh. What does not sell we have.

Hope that is of interest. If it is let me know a bit about you.  

We look forward to hearing from you